Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Powerful. Durable. Innovative.

Charging Station Options

Customize the technical features to your charging needs
Open Access
Plugin & Charge any vehicle.
RFID Access Control
Requires an RFID card or key fob to turn the charging station on. Software subscription fees are NOT required.
Networked stations utilize backend software to provide features like – Payment Processing, Usage Data Reporting, Driver Notifications, and more.

Residential Charging Stations

Our Energy series residential stations are available in both a basic plug and charge station, as well as our Connect model which utilizes our WiFi connected PowerCharge smartphone app to manage your EV charging from anywhere, 24 hours a day.
Residential Charging Stations

Networked Commercial
Charging Stations

Our networked stations have OCPP ‘OPEN PROTOCOL’ allowing you to choose from a number of backend software providers so you aren’t locked into a proprietary situation. Networked stations provide many features like; Point of Sale Payment, Comprehensive Access Control, Usage Data Reporting, Driver Notifications, Reservations/Scheduling, etc. Call our Product Specialists to review your project to see if a networked charging station is the best solution for you.
Networked CommercialCharging Stations

Non-Networked Commercial Charging Stations

Non-networked stations, also known as basic or dumb stations, are either open-access and simply charge any connected vehicle or could have a built-in access control feature which doesn’t require the cost or complexity of networking with backend software. They are the perfect solution for simple plug in and charge applications or when there is a need to control access without receiving payment for the charger use. Best of all, these stations are offered at a lower initial cost with no recurring subscription fees.
Non-Networked Commercial Charging Stations