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The **new** PowerCharge™ Pro-Lightning SeriesPowerCharge™ Pro Series, as well as the PowerCharge™ Energy Series are made to be the ultimate electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, for commercial or residential use. 

Introducing the new PowerCharge™ Pro-Lightning Series. This is a heavy-duty, Level 2 commercial charging station with an anticipated release date in early 2020. 

An attractive, powerful and durable Level 2 charger, the PowerCharge™ Pro Series features commercial grade components and construction. The “Pro Link” is our networked version providing Point of Sale with credit card swipe. Drivers are no longer required to join a proprietary network!

With the PowerCharge™ Energy Series, the charging station is small, long-lasting and can be easily plugged-in or hard wired anywhere you would need a Level 2 charger, plus additional features available.

Commercial Networked Charging Stations

Need to collect usage data, control access, and collect charging fees? Learn more!
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Commercial Non-Networked Charging Stations

Need a simple solution (“dumb station”) which simply charges any car that is connected? Learn more!

Residential Charging Stations

Need a basic station, or an advanced version that uses WiFi and a Smartphone? Learn more!