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The PowerCharge Pro Series, as well as the PowerCharge Energy Series are made to be the ultimate electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, for commercial or residential use.
An attractive, powerful and durable level 2 charger, the PowerCharge Pro Series features commercial grade components and construction. The “Pro Link” is our networked version providing Point of Sale with credit card swipe. Drivers are no longer required to join a proprietary network!
With the PowerCharge Energy Series, the charging station is small, long-lasting and can be easily plugged-in or hard wired anywhere you would need a Level 2 charger, plus additional features available.

Commercial Networked Charging Stations

Need to collect usage data, control access, and collect charging fees? Learn more!
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Commercial Non-Networked Charging Stations

Need a simple solution (“dumb station”) which simply charges any car that is connected? Learn more!

Residential Charging Stations

Need a basic station, or an advanced version that uses WiFi and a Smartphone? Learn more!